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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Mar 18, 2021

Meet Start & Scale student and founder of Theo & Brom, Myey Moens. 

In the very first episode of Foundr’s newest podcast, From Zero To Foundr, our community manager Mollie Flynn interviews Myey Moens on her entrepreneurial journey from a single 20kg bag of cacao beans, to a $1m revenue forecast.

Moens story is nothing short of inspirational. After moving to Belgium in 2018 with her husband and leaving behind the digital nomad life, Moens enrolled in Foundr’s Start and Scale course. Using the lessons and framework taught by Gretta in the course, Moens launched her first-ever business called Theo & Brom, a company that specializes in Belgium chocolate.  

Come along on this tasty journey as Moens discusses everything she’s learned along the way, from crowd-funding to scaling to using networking as a way to find manufacturers. 

All we can say is, what a sweet way to begin our newest podcast, don’t forget to keep an ear out for Moen’s newborn baby chiming in with some thoughts on entrepreneurship during the interview!

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