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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Mar 18, 2021

Leaving behind a pretty tough 2020, we all need a little positivity in our lives. It was after completing Foundr’s Start & Scale course, Alanna Deutrom and Angus Sinclair decided to launch their brand Grounded Minds, to help bring a little sunshine into the world.


In our From Zero To Foundr episode, we speak with Deutrom and Sinclair to learn how they launched their brand Grounded Minds, an affirmation cards ecommerce business. Bringing together everything they’ve learned from Gretta and the Start & Scale course, Deutrom and Sinclair discuss everything from launching their business during a pandemic as well as running their own music school.

The ideal podcast for anyone who needs a little inspiration and sunshine in their day, we are incredibly proud of the hard work Deutrom and Sinclair have done in launching Grounded Minds.

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