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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Apr 2, 2021

After 25 years of brick-and-mortar restaurants, Nikki Buchannon and her husband were one month into their retirement before they discovered Foundr’s Start and Scale course. After completing the course, they decided to launch IReuse2, a luxury, eco-sustainable, on-the-go cutlery brand, and one year later they hit $100k in revenue. Two months after that, they hit another $100k!


Nikki says that the idea for reusable cutlery came from first-hand experience at her stores seeing how much waste was generated. The Start and Scale course not only helped her to define her brand but also to leverage Instagram and giveaways, which was extremely useful for someone who “wasn’t computer-savvy”. 


In this episode of From Zero To Foundr, Nikki discusses her journey from high-school dropout, to the restaurant industry, to an invitation to attend the Superbowl Gifting Suites. The future is looking bright for Nikki as she says she is in the process of launching reusable bags, and that she plans to shift manufacturing to Canada. And Nikki’s advice to others who might be thinking about starting their own business? 


“Just do it!”


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