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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Jun 4, 2021

Imagine if your digital marketing business went from $100 revenue a month, to $25K revenue a month. 


Not bad, right?


Now imagine that this digital marketing business is your SIDE HUSTLE. A business you run in your spare time. 


For daytime music producer, Victor Laranja and his side hustle marketing business Social Gravity, this is not a dream. Not only is his side hustle hitting $25K a month but it’s also predicted to hit $50K a month this year. 


In this amazing episode of From Zero To Foundr, we speak with Start Your Side Hustle alumni Victor Laranja to find out how he got his first client (“it happened organically!”), how Tupac Shakur and Daniel DiPiazza became his heroes, and how his business survived COVID-19 using paid ads. 


When asked what the secret is to running a lucrative side hustle and releasing 3 albums, Victor says: 


“Focus on what you’re passionate about, follow the skill that you have right now, and just keep doing things!”


Listen to Learn:

  • How to organically acquire your first side-hustle client 
  • How Daniel DiPiazza inspired Victor to complete a music album
  • The advantages of using word-of-mouth for client acquisition
  • How to raise your prices with clients, both new and existing, and get them to agree
  • Social Gravity’s Facebook Advertising offer that clients could not resist
  • The decision to flip to high-ticket clients and why Social Gravity chose to drop 3-4 clients
  • How Victor plans to hit $50K revenue this year


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