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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Jul 23, 2021

How did Rachel Pregunta go from a sales job to traveling the world, forming international partnerships, and building a community of 133,000 followers? 


Instagram. Okay, not just Instagram—but Rachel's savvy social media skills opened the door for an abundance of business opportunities for her and her partner Ruben. 


In fact, Rachel and Ruben don't have one business but two. And their success has taken them all over the world: Indonesia, France, Argentina, Greece, Iceland, Brazil, Dubai, Thailand—the list goes on…


If you're dreaming of the Instagram lifestyle, the latest episode of the Zero to Foundr podcast is a must-listen. 


You'll hear:

  • How Rachel and Ruben juggle a blog, an agency, and a thriving Instagram influencer lifestyle
  • How their opposite personalities give these two business partners a balance
  • The pricing strategy Rachel uses to attract new agency clients
  • Her advice for new influencers who want to pitch brands for partnership opportunities
  • How the Foundr community and course (and a little mentorship from instructor Daniel DiPiazza) helped Rachel build her powerhouse brands
  • Why she believes habits and processes are powerful tools for entrepreneurs


Quick, listen to this episode of Zero to Foundr before Rachel hops a plane to another exotic location...

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