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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Jul 30, 2021

What do boating, recycling, and wine drinking have in common? A lot, it turns out. 


Plenty of wine lovers are also boat lovers—and lugging around glass wine bottles at sea is a big hassle. So Kim McKee came up with a clever solution: quality wine that's packaged in lightweight, recyclable packaging. 


And Kim's concept is a hit. Greenskin Wine made $30,000 in the first month and business continues to pour in—literally. In fact, business is so good that Kim plans to bring in a whopping $450,000 in revenue her first year. 


Listen to our interview with Kim to learn:


  • How unique packaging sets them apart and helps the planet
  • Why it's okay to be transparent about a business's ups and downs
  • How the Start and Scale course helped Kim realize she was on the right track
  • How she ensures Greenskin Wine maintains quality but doesn't seem stuffy
  • Why customer-generated content is her favorite kind
  • How she's planning to promote the brand as it grows 


Pour yourself a glass of something nice and settle in for our chat with Kim.

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