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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Aug 20, 2021

Dane Schwaebe went from delivering packages for Amazon to building a six-figure service agency called Rockstar Integrator.


His nickname was “Big Game Dane” at an old sales job, but he was burned out with the amount of work he was putting in without reaching his financial goals. Dane quit the sales world and started a side hustle that led to building an expertise in Facebook Ads and marketing integrations. 


Listen to our interview with Dane to learn:

  • How he went “cold turkey” from traditional sales jobs
  • How he used a dog to help his first client sell mattresses
  • How the Start Your Side Hustle course helped him raise his monthly retainer from $1,400 to over $7,500
  • How he helped launch Boss Babe’s new products
  • How he went from fanboy to collaborator with Daniel DiPiazza


Dane’s path to success has taken different turns, but it’s given him the experience to reach his goals. Listen to Dane’s journey of finding his purpose and turning a side hustle into a six-figure business.

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