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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Sep 10, 2021

Kirsty Bronner spent 3 years researching the perfect skincare formulations for an overlooked body part–the booty. Kristy started Booty Co., the world’s first entirely booty-based skincare range, and within 2 weeks of launching grossed sales of $19,000. 


Listen to our interview with Kristy to learn: 

  • The difference between facial and booty skincare
  • Why she couldn’t find info about manufacturers on Google
  • How Start and Scale helped her create a successful pre-launch campaign
  • How she built an email list that helped lead to 80% of her launch sales
  • How outsourcing finance, PR, and SEO has allowed her to scale and keep costs low
  • How she balances being a mom, partner, and founder


Listen and learn how Kristy is using every channel to make Booty Co. a household beauty care name.

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