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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Sep 17, 2021

Adam Skrobalak is an Australian Rules Football (AFL) coach by day and a serial entrepreneur by night. He started his second business, Axis Clothing, with literally zero money. After 4 months of launch, he already has $130K in revenue. 


Axis Clothing is a custom workwear brand targeted to younger workers looking for stylish beanies, shirts, and caps that they can wear at the job site and the pub afterward. 


Listen to our interview with Adam to learn: 

  • How Adam balances answering client calls while leading training sessions
  • How Start and Scale helped him build a business foundation to scale quickly
  • The value of hiring a virtual assistant 
  • Why work sites are a perfect place to generate leads
  • How he uses his commute to develop business skills


Listen to learn how this footy coach turned apparel entrepreneur combines his expertise with opportunity to generate growth.

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