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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Oct 8, 2021

While living on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, Renee Alyce found a rare ingredient that changed her skin and her life. Utilizing marine collagen from sea cucumbers, Renee created a 100% natural skincare line called Bescher. 


In less than 2 years, she’s grown her company to gain $100K in monthly revenue and has added three additional products since launch. 


Listen to our interview with Renee to learn:

  • How living on an island taught her the importance of natural healing ingredients
  • How she worked at casino for 2 years to fund research and development
  • How she found the pharmacist partner of her dreams to make the first product
  • Why she wouldn’t have been able to launch without Start and Scale
  • How she made $13K in one day in the first month of launching
  • Why she created a custom made formula for a customer’s daughter.


Listen and learn why Renee’s goal is to to get 100,000 before and after photos of satisfied customers.

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