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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Oct 29, 2021

Jax Sternberg knew that having a baby would be the catalyst for starting a business. After her son quickly grew out of his unused infant garments, Jax researched more sustainable options for baby clothes—she found none. This began a 3-year journey to perfect a baby garment that grew along with the child. 


Jax launched Moosey Moose in November 2020 and unexpectedly sold out of stock in less than 6 months. She has big goals to grow the business in year 2 while living up to Moosey Moose’s ethos of reducing waste and creating a sustainable baby clothing line. 


Listen to our interview with Jax to learn:

  • The waste problem in the baby industry
  • The similarities of parenting and starting your own business
  • How Start and Scale professionalized her process 
  • Why she uses bamboo instead of cotton 
  • The double edge sword of selling out of stock during lockdown 
  • Celebrating the first time a stranger bought a garment


Learn how Jax is building confidence through her business while solving a waste problem for fellow parents.

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