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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Nov 5, 2021

Leisha Ryan worked 4 jobs up to 70 hours per week to finance a gap year after university—then COVID hit. She was forced to cancel her travel and career plans but found the time to research starting a business. After 6 months of preparation, Leisha launched her brand Elevar, which sells 100% premium cruelty-free handbags and straps.


In this interview, Mollie chats with Leisha about: 

  • Generating $3K within 3 weeks of launch
  • How Elevar has grown 600% growth since its launch
  • How minimal design inspired her branding and product colors
  • How Start and Scale helped her find the right manufacturing partners 
  • How Elevar got featured in the October issue of British Vogue
  • How she researches influencers before partnering with them


Listen to Leisha's journey from canceling her plans to building her dream.

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