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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Nov 12, 2021

Sarah Morrissey took her dog treat business from idea to launch in under one month. Her whirlwind journey started by looking to transition from a service business to a product-based business. In memory of her late dog Beau, she started Beau’s Biscuits, which sells dog treat baking mixes and donates a dollar to charity for every product sold. 


Listen to Mollie chat with Sarah about:

  • How Beau’s Biscuits has grown from $50 to $600 in daily sales
  • How customer feedback helped her improve ingredient communication 
  • Why it’s worth spending more on packaging 
  • How to connect with dog-owner microinfluencers
  • How Start and Scale helped her build a customer avatar
  • Why founders need to know how to create social ads


Learn how Sarah is connecting to the canine community through customer engagement and strategic advertising.

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