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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Dec 17, 2021

Color has always inspired Salma Kashani. An abstract artist herself, Salma understands how to transform color to create beautiful imagery.


After the disruption of the pandemic, Salma used her newfound free time to learn more about taking her passion for color and transforming it into a business. After seeing a still photograph by a local Vancouver artist, she decided to meld art and fashion using the power of color. 


In 2020, she launched Bânu Magnifique, a brand that collaborates with artists to offer limited edition fashion sets for women who want to stand out confidently with colorful, contemporary, and bold styles. 


In this episode, listen to Mollie and Salma discuss:


  • Why color can improve your mood and mental wellbeing
  • What Salma learned from launching her first ecommerce store 
  • How the Start and Scale course help her learn how to deal with influencers 
  • The benefits of creating a limited edition product line
  • Building a welcome email journey for new customers 
  • Her 2022 goals to make the brand more environmentally friendly and to partner with charities


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