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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Jan 14, 2022

Three years ago, Akshay Raj and his wife brought together their business and fashion industry experience to create 1Ō8 SPORTIF. 


1Ō8 SPORTIF is a slow-fashion brand that bridges the gap between activewear and athleisure and creates sustainable garments built to last.   


Listen to Mollie and Akshay discuss:

  • Why Akshay and his wife have a make less, make better philosophy
  • How to be sustainable at the manufacturing, packaging, and shipping levels of business
  • The danger of “greenwashing” in the fashion industry 
  • Becoming one of the first adopters of DHL's Go Green initiative
  • Why Foundr's “How to Run Facebook Ads” course was one of his best business investments
  • Implementing reviews into their Facebook ad creative
  • Why did they donate unsold pieces during Black Friday
  • And much more sustainable business advice… 


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