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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Feb 4, 2022

What started as a gift idea for a baby shower turned into a full-fledged business. Abi Horton and her partner Danny started Beaus+Babes to create baby clothes made of 100% organic cotton with uplifting and inspiring designs.


Because of their firsthand volunteer experience at domestic violence and homeless shelters, Abi and Danny created a return-to-donate model that allows customers to return and donate outgrown clothing. 


Listen to Mollie chat with Abi and Danny about: 

  • Using their creative backgrounds to design every aspect of Beaus+Babes from scratch
  • Designing recyclable packaging that can resend clothing
  • How Abi’s experience volunteering inspired their return-to-donate model
  • The importance of making it easy for customers to return clothing 
  • Launching, growing an audience, and collaborating with like-minded organic clothing companies
  • How to shift from a wholesaler to a direct manufacturer
  • Using their email list to send subscribers valuable parenting tips
  • And much more sustainable apparel advice…



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