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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Feb 18, 2022

In the same month she launched her business, Grace Armstrong faced the trauma of losing her baby 6 months into pregnancy. Because she had followed the Start and Scale course, this tragedy turned into a triumph for her new business, Begin to Arrive. 


Begin to Arrive is an aromatherapy brand that sells waterless essential oil diffusers. The diffusers offer serene lighting that’s cordless and utilize 3 natural oil blends called arrive, revive, and thrive. 


Listen to Mollie and Grace discuss:

  • How moving to Singapore led to the idea of a waterless oil diffuser 
  • Why outsourcing can help you grow your business faster
  • How her baby inspired the essence of the business to live in the moment
  • The strategy of gradual growth
  • How to reinvest profits into scaling your business
  • And much more entrepreneur advice...



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