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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Mar 11, 2022

While pregnant with 2 children, Kelsey Spronk was consistently frustrated with the poor design and materials of activewear for moms. So, she decided to fix the problem herself and launched Be Active Maternity, a maternity and nursing activewear line. 


Within 24 hours of Be Active Maternity's pre-launch, Kelsey generated $1,100 in sales and is now developing new products for moms looking to stay active during pregnancy and nursing. 


Listen to Mollie and Kelsey discuss: 

  • Doing face-to-face research with moms at the park
  • Selecting a female-owned manufacturer 
  • Why you shouldn't expect perfection from first samples
  • Don't be afraid to be picky while designing your products
  • How Start and Scale helped her grow an audience before launch
  • The difference user-generated content makes for her business
  • Business advice for moms 
  • And much more...



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