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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Mar 18, 2022

After 10 years in business as a beauty salon owner, Alicia Bode wanted to build a separate ecommerce brand to support the business. Thankfully, she'd been waiting 2 years on the perfect product on which she was an expert. 


So Alicia started Label7th, which sells an automatic cordless curling wand that saves time and money while producing salon-quality curls. She sold out her entire stock within 48 hours of launch and has built a loyal following using education from her personal life as a salon owner. 


Listen to Alicia and Mollie discuss: 

  • How feedback from her salon customers inspired the idea of selling a curling wand
  • How her work in the salon inspired Label7th's scarcity model
  • Why you shouldn't wait to unpack your first product order
  • How Start and Scale provided a seamless plan to launch Label7th
  • Why being the face of the brand differentiates Label7th's marketing 
  • The joy of hearing the sale alert ring on her phone on launch day
  • Why selling out doesn't always mean you're profitable
  • Why her goal was to be a guest on THIS very podcast  
  • And much more business advice...



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