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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Mar 25, 2022

Emma Bolton started her business Bolton Creations because she couldn't afford personalized gifts for her bridal party. Three years later, a solution for her wedding has become a full-fledged business helping brides create their dreams through an all-in-one shop. 


Within the first week of her business relaunch, Bolton Creations made more than 30% of their total revenue from the previous 2 years. Now, Emma has her sights set on creating a company that is the go-to place for answering brides' questions. 


Listen to Mollie and Emma Discuss: 

  • Going from 8 part-time jobs to owning her own business
  • How the Start and Scale course helped her relaunch Bolton Creations
  • How the Instagram Domination course helped her learn how to work with macroinfluencers. 
  • How a Married at First Sight influencer helped build her waiting list 
  • What does she look for in an influencer
  • Why the wedding industry is quiet online 
  • The danger of "paid partnerships" 
  • Why you need to track everything
  • And much more small business advice…



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