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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Apr 22, 2022

6 years ago, April Scott started a clothing business and shut it down because she could barely make a sale. But after taking the foundr Start and Scale course this past year, she launched The Villa and sold $12K of products in 2 months. The Villa is a luxury sleepwear brand for women that will make them feel feminine, fun, fierce, and comfortable. April's mission is to make sleepwear for those special moments (weddings, maternity photoshoots, and girls' trips) while creating a community of women with the same self-confidence she's gained by starting a business. 


Listen to Mollie and April discuss: 

  • How her day job in mining helped build her business
  • How she used Fiverr to find a graphic designer 
  • Tips for organizing a successful product photoshoot 
  • The importance of building relationships with models 
  • How 85% of The Villa's referrals come from Instagram
  • Being in the top 5% of Shopify stores in her launch week
  • How to use trending music to help boost TikTok videos
  • And much more luxury good ecommerce advice…




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