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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Apr 29, 2022

Alicia Long was working at Google when she started feeling that a piece of her life was missing–entrepreneurship. While on maternity leave, she took the foundr Start and Scale course and learned that she needed to create a solution, not a product. Alicia is lactose-intolerant and found that buying nut milk can be expensive, full of preservatives, and create packaging waste. 


With help from her husband, a mechanical engineer, they created a nut milk maker that is convenient, compact, versatile, and sustainable. Nutr has exploded since its launch in 2021, hitting $1 million in sales in 6 months, and signed deals with retailers Sur La Table and Anthropology. 


Listen to Mollie and Alicia discuss:

  • Why they chose to make a single-serving sustainable machine
  • The importance of the aesthetics and convenience 
  • How Nutr customers came up with recipe applications for the product 
  • Why do they plant a tree for every device purchased 
  • Reaching out to 100 influencers per week
  • How to take advantage of "nanoinfluencers" when starting out
  • The importance of finding a direct source manufacturer 
  • Creating their second-generation product 
  • Their goal to hit $10 million in sales 
  • And much more product solution advice…




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