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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

May 13, 2022

After 10 years of experience in digital and social marketing, Maddison Danforth decided that she wanted to help small businesses that didn’t have budgets for large agencies. So, on a Friday afternoon, she left her full-time job. The following day she started her agency called Boho Social. 


In the past 3 years, Boho Social has helped small businesses use organic social media to see results like growing from $2.5K to $20K in 6 months. In addition, Maddison was named one of the "Top 10 Female CEOs to Watch" by Yahoo Finance and conducts regular workshops on the power of organic social. 


Listen to Mollie and Maddison discuss:

  • The value of organic vs. paid social media
  • How she launched her social media agency
  • Why she chose a Boho-style brand
  • How to balance client load and consulting packages  
  • Why she hired a business coach to help with her pricing 
  • Why you should hire before you’re ready
  • Anxiety surrounding raising her prices and the surprising response 
  • And much more organic social media advice…




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