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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

May 20, 2022

Destiny Drive offers a 26-day manifestation journal that provides life assessment tools, encouragement, and accountability to reach your dreams. Founder Leah Toth describes it as “the soft 26,” the opposite of 75 Hard. Leah’s drive for her business came after the second COVID lockdown in Melbourne. She didn’t want to fall into the same negative patterns and started collecting her manifestations in a journal. One of the manifestations was starting a side hustle, which ironically became the custom journal she created. 


  • How she created her manifestation journal 
  • Why she feels like Hannah Montana 
  • How she found a designer in the Start and Scale community 
  • Selling out of every product order in her first year
  • Creating journal challenges for her community 
  • Why she’s taking the Start and Scale course again
  • The backward bucket list 
  • And much more side hustle advice…




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