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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Jun 3, 2022

Three years ago, Tish Fletcher’s health plummeted. She took meds to deal with chronic pain but didn’t feel like she had control of her body. After trying CBD products, Tish was finally pain-free and living a healthy lifestyle. Immediately, Tish started making her own CBD products and selling them to friends and family. So, she launched Fletcher + Reese, a wellness brand specializing in CBD-infused bath and body products.


Listen to Mollie and Tish discuss: 

  • Making bath products inspired by her grandmother 
  • Transitioning from homemade to manufacturing her products
  • The red tape around producing and selling CDB 
  • Finding a payment processor for CBD products 
  • Building a personal brand as a certified CBD advisor and coach 
  • How the Instagram Domination course helped her go from 9K to 40K followers
  • Her plans to open up a storefront called Thrive Wellness Lounge
  • And much more CBD and startup business advice...




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