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From Zero to Foundr Podcast

Jun 10, 2022

After a decade of grinding in the corporate world, Chavarne Wright finally hit burnout. So, she decided to combine her passion for animals with a dream of starting an ecommerce business. In less than 6 months, she launched Le Paws, a proud Australian eco-boutique pet brand. The brand’s best-seller is an ethical, functional, and stylish feeding mat inspired by Chavarne’s Chief Meow Officer–Daisy. Le Paws was featured in British Vogue this spring, and this summer plans to expand its product line and distribute to wholesalers. 


Listen to Mollie and Chavarne discuss: 

  • Quitting her corporate career and going all-in on Le Paws
  • The challenges of breaking into the pet industry 
  • How the Start and Scale course helped her create a brand identity 
  • The importance of naming conventions for a brand
  • Understanding cultural and communication differences with suppliers
  • Making the Le Paws dining mats reversible and durable 
  • Shifting her launch date 6 times
  • Why entrepreneurs need to be flexible
  • Getting featured in British Vogue 
  • And much more pet industry advice…




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